The best way to get Seoul Backpackers from Incheon international airport is :


1, Take a KAL Limousine bus ( Route 2 Namsan Area ) to Millennium Hilton hotel
    from bus stop 4B or 11A ( 1st Floor in the Airport )
2, Get off at Millennium Hilton hotel. ( will be take around 1 hour 20 minutes. )
3, Walk towards the main street in front of the hotel.
4. Turn left and along the main street, Go down 40 meters towards the 2nd crossing.
5. Cross the street at the 2nd crossing and walk into the narrow alley.
6. Go down 50 meters and turn right at the end of the alley
   you will see a black signboard for the Seoul backpackers on your left.

- You can find out more information on these website :
차로 오시는경우
지하철로 오시는경우
서울역 앞 대우빌딩에서 퇴계로 방면으로 오시다가 남대문시장(Gate 6)건너편 해인약국과 우리마트 사이 골목길로 우회전 해서 40m 올라오시면 왼쪽에 검은색 간판(Seoul Backpackers)이 있습니다.
4호선 회현역 4번출구로 나오셔서 왼쪽 첫 번째 골목으로 40미터 올라오시면 왼쪽에 검은색 간판(Seoul Backpackers)이 있습니다.
Seoul Backpackers is in the best location located in a brand- new building with new facilities but with the same warm hospitality.